RV Solar 101 – Understanding How Solar Power Works in an RV | Van Life S2:E25

RV Solar 101 – Understanding How Solar Power Works in an RV | Van Life S2:E25

RV Solar 101 - Understanding How Solar Power Works in an RV | Van Life S2:E25

Learn the basics of solar power and how it works in an RV. Go to https://squarespace.com/THERUSSOS to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase.

0:36 Role of Solar in an RV
1:05 How to setup solar in an RV
3:52 Different size solar panels
4:53 Sizing solar for your off grid setup
5:45 Solar to run AC
7:07 How much solar to put on the roof
8:23 Use the right gauge wires
9:08 DIY Solar vs professional install
10:26 Types of solar panels
12:27 Learn more about solar

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